Welcome to I Know Trash!

This site is loosely maintained by Meredith Sorensen, an avid garbologist, recycling ninja and composting queen.

I have worked in the solid waste industry since 2002.  I have a consulting company, Solid Strategies, that offers organic waste expertise combined with PR and marketing. My primary client is Harvest Power, a leader in turning organic waste into clean energy and compost. View my resume.

Other Things You Might Find Interesting
First, the name of this website serves as an homage to the homonym to "eye no trash," or to get to a zero waste economy.

Second, I briefly considered changing my last name to that of my partner's so that my initials would be "MSW" or the acronym for "municipal solid waste."  

Third, in 2008-2009, I received a fellowship to travel the world and look at trash.  It was awesome.

Fourth, in 2004 I did an 8-month mega transect the length of Madagascar.  I put together a few slideshows on that journey, below.  

Finally, I am honored and delighted to announce that I'm in a book!  Released in 2017, Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs provides real world examples of women who use grit and determination to follow their passions while building their careers.  It's an inspiring compilation of chronicles.